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Review of 2019

2019 was a busy, exhilarating, but often stressful year with lots of highs and lows. In my day job I continued as Head of Music at the University of Aberdeen and made some useful contributions (I think!) and tried to do my best for academic music-making in the ancient institution. My research was overwhelming focused on the publication of The Music of James MacMillan that was released in June to good reviews (so far!). There were three successful book launches and some good times with the great man himself. I also gave a paper on his music in Stirling in May and wrote a chapter for the forthcoming MacMillan Studies.

As a composer there were multiple performances of my works around the world with new works in Canada and the USA as well as plenty in the UK. There is no rose was published by Music Sales and other works have found the repertoire of choirs on both sides of the Atlantic. It was nice to attend some performances in Eton, London and Oxford as well as plenty in Aberdeen. 2019 was a difficult year, politically and 2020 promises to be no different. Hey ho.

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