Intrada (2009)

February 25th, 2016

www.phillipcooke.comIntrada (2009)

A tango for orchestra


Large Orchestra

fp. 20 July 2009; OCYO, John Traill, Concert Hall, Bad Lauersick, Germany.

UK. 25 July 2009; OCYO, John Traill, Town Hall, Oxford, UK.

Commissioned by Oxfordshire County Council for Oxfordshire County Youth Orchestra.

Score is available to purchase here.

[audio:] Intrada (2007) (mp3)


Intrada is a short, upbeat work for large orchestra which was commissioned for the Oxford County Youth Orchestra and their conductor John Traill. The work is my version of a tango and is hopefully an entertaining, but challenging piece for young people to play. A slowly building introductory material gives way to the tango theme which is worked throughout the orchestra in different variations and permutations. The slow material returns for a second time before heralding a full-orchestra rendition of the tango, finishing with crashing tutti chords and a huge crescendo.


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