Prelude & Lament (2012)

September 16th, 2018

Prelude & Lament (2012)



fp. 04 July 2012; David Maw, St Michael and All Angels Church, Croydon, Surrey, UK.

Prelude & Lament (2012) (pdf)


 I decided to write this Prelude & Lament for two main reasons: firstly that I had wanted to write an organ piece for a long time but never had the right opportunity, and secondly that I often was asked by organists if I had any repertoire and decided to do something about it. What is unusual about these two pieces in my oeuvre is that they are entirely absolute in their conception – there are no pre-compositional stimuli behind their creation (other than wanting a Prelude and a Lament). The Prelude is a long elaboration of the opening chord which is manipulated in different variations throughout; the Lament is a study on a held sonority.


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