Four Bagatelles (2006)

August 17th, 2014

Four Bagatelles (2006)

  1. The Whore in the Woods
  2. Blackmoss Pot


Cl, pno

fp. 05 July 2007; LCMG, St Giles Church, Cripplegate, London, UK.

Score available to purchase here.

[audio:] The Whore in the Woods (2006) (mp3)

[audio:] Blackmoss Pot (2003) (mp3)


Four Bagatelles are short, light-hearted pieces (as the name suggests) written on enforced breaks from the larger, more intense Marian Antiphons. They are all inspired by people, places or events from my life; some more elusive then others (the first and third bagatelles pay testament to that). The second (The Whore in the Woods) and the fourth bagatelle (Blackmoss Pot) are musical depictions of places from my homeland of the Lake District; though perhaps the titles are equally elusive, they relate (rather uninterestingly) to a village and a beauty spot respectively.


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