Three Gaelic Songs (2017)

February 3rd, 2020

Three Gaelic Songs / Trì òrain Ghàidhlig (2017)

  1. Saoil a Mhòr am Pòs Thu
  2. Guma Slàn do na Gillean
  3. Air Do Shlàinte Mhàiri ‘n Dotair



Three Gaelic Songs (2017) (pdf)

fp. 05 November 2017; Blairgowrie Town Hall, Perth Gaelic Choir



Three Gaelic Songs are colourful arrangements of folksongs collected by folklorist, poet and collector Hamish Henderson (1919 – 2002) and form part of a larger project involving Henderson and his work. The three songs are fast-slow-fast, with the outer songs settings of characteristic ‘mouth-music’ that were vocal works designed for dancing to. The middle song is more reflective and may have been a ‘waulking’ song sung by local women whilst beating newly woven tweed to soften it.


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