Te Deum (2010)

February 16th, 2018

Te Deum (2010)


SSAA, Organ or SATB, Organ

fp. (SSAA) 02 January 2011; Aurora Nova, Patrick Craig, St Paul’s Cathedral, London, UK.

fp. (SATB – recording). 10-11 January 2013; Choir of Selwyn College Cambridge, Sarah MacDonald, Onyx Brass, Selwyn College, Cambridge, UK

A recording of this work is available on Phillip Cooke, Choral Music released on Regent Records, REGCD411 and available to buy here.

Commissioned by Patrick Craig for Aurora Nova.

Te Deum (2010) SATB (pdf)

Te Deum (2010) SSAA (pdf)


My setting of the Te Deum is a relatively simple piece, largely homophonic, with greater emphasis being placed on the ‘effect’ of the words and music combined, rather than any strong liturgical impulse. The work revolves around a strong Lydian mode on G (with a flattened seventh) which colours all the harmony in the piece and provides much of the harmonic drive.


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