Preces and Responses [second set] (2012)

February 16th, 2018

Preces and Responses (2012)


Commissioned by the London Festival of Contemporary Church Music 2012

fp. 13 May 2012; St Pancras Church Choir, St Paul’s Cathedral, London, UK: Part of the London Festival of Contemporary Church Music

US.p. 05 November 2017; Douglasville First United Methodist Church Choir, Wayne Gilreath; Douglasville First United Methodist Church, Douglasville, Georgia, US

Preces and Responses (2012) (pdf)


My second setting of the Preces and Responses treads a similar path to the first with the material all being based on the opening response. In many ways it is even more thematically strict than the first with the opening F# minor – F major colouring the rest of the material. Again, the Lord’s Prayer aims to bring together all the thematic material as well as introducing new material that is expanded upon in the subsequent responses. This set is a little more harmonically daring than the first though highlights a current preoccupation with using common tones to pivot to unfamiliar keys and chords.


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