Preces and Responses (2009)

February 16th, 2018

Preces and Responses (2009)


fp. 15 May 2011; St Pancras Church Choir, Christopher Bachelor; St Pancras Church, London, UK: Part of the London Festival of Contemporary Church Music

US.p. 15 July 2012; St James Episcopal Church Choir, JR Ankney; St James Episcopal Church, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, US

Scot.p. 20 February 2013; St Andrews Cathedral Choir, Ed Jones; St Andrews Cathedral, Aberdeen, UK

Preces and Responses (pdf)


My setting of the Preces and Responses is a simple, thematic affair with the opening material setting the tone for the whole work. The Lord’s Prayer brings together all the thematic material as well as introducing new material that is expanded upon the subsequent responses. The work is intended to be a fresh take on the well-worn Anglican verse, though within the tradition rather than working against it.


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