Ave Regina Caelorum (2019)

October 24th, 2019

Ave Regina Caelorum (2019)

Votive antiphon; Trope: ‘Funde, virgo’



fp. 04 October 2019; Cappella Nova, Alan Tavener, Cumnock Old Church, Cumnock, UK

Ave Regina Caelorum (2019) (pdf)


Ave Regina Caelorum is a simple setting of the well-known Marian Antiphon (though including a short section of the trope Funde, virgo). It carries on a current desire to write shorter, easier motets that are more accessible to a wider range of choirs, though still retaining the thumbprints of my mature style. The motet is in a simple ABA form, with a more expressive middle section bookended by contemplative, homophonic material and a sustained ‘Amen’.



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