There is no rose (2013)

July 27th, 2019

www.phillipcooke.comThere is no rose (2013)

A setting of an Anonymous 14th century Advent text


SATB (with off-stage SATB quartet)

Commissioned by Con Anima

For Alexander, born 28 September 2013

fp. 14 December 2013; Con Anima, Roger Williams, St Mary’s Chapel, Blairs, Aberdeen, UK

lon.p. 07 December 2014; Voce Chamber Choir, Suzi Digby, Grovsener Chapel, Mayfair, London, UK

Hun.p. 05 December 2014; King’s College Chapel Choir, David Smith, Church of St. Teresa of Avila, Budapest, Hungary

This work is published by Music Sales, to buy a copy visit here.



There is no rose is a setting of the much loved medieval poem as set by composers such as Britten, Joubert and Richard Rodney Bennett. My setting follows a different Britten piece as a model, his early masterpiece Hymn to the Virgin – here, like there, an off-stage semi-chorus intones the Latin phrases in a much more austere fashion to the material in the main choir. The two choirs never perform together and it is the austere material that ends the work, fading into the distance.





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