Laetemur Animo (2009)

January 6th, 2017

Laetemur Animo (2009)

A setting of Laetemur Animo by Robert S. Fowler


SATB, Piano

fp. 16 December 2009; Keswick Choral Society, Ian Hare, Crosthwaite Parish Church, Keswick, Cumbria, UK.

Commissioned by Keswick Choral Society.

Laetemur Animo (2009) (pdf)


Laetemur Animo is a short, celebratory choral work commissioned by Keswick Choral Society for their Christmas concert in 2009. The work is a setting of a newly commissioned poem from local poet Bob Fowler, and my work tries to capture some of the joy and energy present in his text. Musically the work revolves around a toccata-esque piano figure which gives the piece its drive and propels the music throughout. I wanted the work to be joyous and uplifting and harmonically it moves around several major keys, all linked by the characteristic sharpened fourth which gives the piece its distinct sonority. A more subdued middle section accompanies the words “Esse Illum” (Is the one) where a solo soprano hovers above the choir’s hums and tremolo piano, though this then gives way to more moto perpetuum and a final animated finale.


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