When in Our Music (2019)

November 12th, 2019

When in Our Music (2019)

9′ [6′ without brass and percussion]

A festival anthem for SATB, Brass Quartet, Percussion & Organ

fp. 20 October 2019; Douglasville First United Methodist Church, Douglasville, Georgia, USA

Commissioned by the Douglasville First United Methodist Church to celebrate the installation of their new organ

When in Our Music (2019) (PDF)

When in Our Music [no brass] (2019) (PDF)


When in Our Music is a ‘festival’ anthem for choir, brass, percussion and organ, written to be a celebratory and optimistic offering full of vibrancy and verve. However, the piece does feature some more reflective and melancholy music, and the work as a whole encounters different colours, moods and feelings throughout its nine-minute duration. As the work was commissioned for the installation of a new organ, it features a substantial organ solo that reprises and develops many of the piece’s key themes and motifs. When in Our Music was inspired by several things, most namely Gustav Holst’s Choral Fantasia (1930) with its long organ solo one of the piece’s great highlights.


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