Two Elegies (2006)

August 24th, 2013

www.phillipcooke.comTwo Elegies (2006)

  1. gementes et flentes...
  2. These Black Thoughts


pno, perc, vcl

fp. 05 January 2007; Kokoro, Concert Hall, Bristol University, Bristol, UK.

Scot.p. 13 November 2013; Aberdeen University Contemporary Music Group, Phillip Cooke, King’s College Chapel, Aberdeen

Score is available to purchase here.

[audio:] Two Elegies (2006) (mp3)


Two Elegies were both written as off-shoots from larger projects that I was currently working on, and therefore inhabit the sound worlds of those particular pieces. The first elegy, …gementes et flentes…came directly from the large ensemble work Salve Regina (the title is taken from the antiphon) and features the quasi-religioso style present in that work. The second, These Black Thoughts… came directly from the song-cycle of WWII poems, Threnody, where a dark-hued nature and arioso melodic style come to the fore.


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