In memoriam (2007)

December 1st, 2011

In memoriam (2007)


fl, cl, pno, vln, vla, vcl

fp. 27 July 2007; Kreisler Ensemble, Jessica Cottis, St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall, Orkney, UK.

Lon.p. 12 November 2007; LCMG, Michael Francis, St Giles Church, Cripplegate, London, UK.

Score is available to purchase here.

[audio:] In memoriam (2007) (mp3)



In memoriam is directly inspired by a funeral service I attended earlier this year; though I don’t generally take my inspiration from funerals, I have always been interested in ritual and ritualistic aspects sometimes in the most unusual situations. What I found most intriguing about the service was the inbuilt three movement form and different arcs and trajectories that were present. In no way is In memoriam a musical representation of the particular funeral, rather a response to a compositional stimulus; that being said, hymn-tunes have a habit of creeping into a lot of music…


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